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   Puppy Plus
Patriotic chi puppies

All puppies are purebred and come with a one year limited guarantee against genetic defects. The guarantee applies to the original owner only and is Not transferable. Defect guarantee must be based on the decision of two qualified licensed veterinarian’s determination that such defect(s) are genetic in nature and would:

(a) significantly and substantially diminish the quality of life and,

(b) require surgery for corrective repair in order to sustain life and, 

(c) be terminal in nature.

Purchaser is responsible for determining the necessity of veterinary care and agrees to provide original veterinary diagnostic records from both determining veterinarians, proof of any medical treatment performed on this dog along with the treating veterinarian’s name, address and phone number prior to any decision for credit to the seller within 30 days of the determination should any claim arise during the guaranteed one year time period. If any defects should be found, the purchaser may return the puppy for a credit towards the purchase of another puppy within the first year. This guarantee does not cover "size", “reverse sneezing” or “allergies”.

All claims subject to independent medical and legal review.

“Guarantee free from Infectious Canine Diseases” at time of sale.

There is a 14 day health guarantee for illnesses such as Canine Distemper, Parvo A type 1 & 2, and Para-influenza.

At purchaser’s expense, puppies must be examined by their licensed veterinarian within 72 hours of acceptance from breeder.


Our puppies begin at $1,250 to $1,850. Prices depend on parents, size (we can make no guarantee but give you birth weight and size of both parents) and quality of the individual puppy. Mostly we raise pet quality with some Show potential which may not be reached until they are about six months old. Of course, the tiny ones are more expensive due to the nature of care required from birth until they are fully capable to go to their new home. We spend a lot of quality time with each of our puppies to insure they are healthy and well established before leaving.


Puppies are shipped via United Airlines within the U.S.A. only, for an additional fee of $300.00 (unless otherwise noted by airlines) which must be paid prior to delivery. Subject to change per airline stipulations. Puppies will only be shipped when weather permits and at appropriate age for individual puppy. (Shipping: selected areas in US Only - Flights (including lay-overs) can not be more than a 5 to 5.5 hr exceptions!)

" Deposits"

Receipt of the non-refundable deposit of $350 is required to "hold" a puppy. Puppies must be paid in full and payments must clear the bank prior to pick-up or shipping.

Lay-away and payment options may be discussed. (PayPal, MO, Cert Ck, Cash)

" Puppy Plus"

Shot Record - (Detailing date and type of shots before heading home)   Puppies must be 10 weeks old before they are ready to be picked up.  If shipping, 12 weeks of age depending on weight, size, destination and time of the year.

Worming Schedule - (If Applicable)

Health Guarantee - (On each puppy)

Veterinarian Health Certificate - (If shipping)

Registration Application - (If Applicable)

Puppy Care Package - (Can Includes items such as bed, food, various toys and goodies, plus!! Over a $50 value.)

Notice: We exercise the right to file Animal Cruelty charges against anyone purchasing a dog and found abusive or endangering it’s life in accordance to the law and the dog will be removed immediately. Each life is precious and does not deserve to be mistreated . 

Breeder reserves the right to refuse any sale she/he feels would not be in the best interest of the puppy.

Also, “Scammers” need not bother as you will be reported to the proper authorities and guaranteed action will be taken.
"Explicit Puppy Guarantee"
This page was last updated: February 5, 2019
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Tid-Bits to Ponder
If you have your mind set on purchasing a small Chihuahua puppy, 

please , please

read up on this breed and be informed prior to your purchase. Also, check out the breeder as well.
One of the most interesting aspects of these phenomenal little dogs is the many transformations of their coloring and coat as they mature into adulthood. 

A long coat Chihuahua takes on several changes in the early developmental stages. When the puppy coat is shed and the adult coat comes in, this is usually when the color may change (sometimes drastically) -depending on the puppy.

Occasionally they can take "up to" two years to completely achieve their full adult coat. My advice is to take lots of pictures because the changes are absolutely amazing to look back and compare later in life. 

...A Word on Training... 
As with any pet, "proper" training, training, and more training is so vital early on. In doing so, NEVER hit or strike these "wee" little ones. It is equally as important to teach children "responsible" pet care and "appropriate" small pet play. 

* * * * Did You Know... That 80% or more Chihuahuas have what's called a "Molera" (sometimes referred to as a "fontanel") which is similar to a baby's soft spot on the head. As the puppy grows, occasionally the "Molera" will close. However this is not always the case, which is another reason children and adults need to be cautious not to hit or drop the puppy. Precaution should also be exercised when bigger puppies/dogs interact as even innocent play can lead to a powerful (or fatal) blow.

* * * * Did You Know... Small dogs who live close to the floor (as the Chihuahuas do) are more susceptible to eye injury. Therefore, it is advisable to watch out for sharp objects, toys, or the cat's claws, rose bushes or anything with thorns - to help prevent an accident from occurring both indoors and out. 

* * * * Did You Know... Toy breeds can develop Hypoglycemia or (low blood sugar) even when they are healthy. This common ailment is treatable however, when recognized early. Ask your breeder or small animal vet for more information on this subject if you are not familiar with it. 

* * * * Did You Know... Keeping a tube of "Nutri-Cal", "Super-Cal", or "Puppy-Cal" handy if your dog is prone to this condition can be a life saver. Most puppies, if afflicted, will have outgrown this condition prior to leaving the breeder but others can have it for life. 

* * * * Did You Know... Hypoglycemia Symptoms include (but not limited to) lethargic behavior, loss of appetite, glassy eyes, wobbly or staggered gait, and possible seizures or even death if they do not receive immediate treatment. Your vet can take a simple blood test to confirm this condition.
Tid-Bits to Know
You may already know these things but it never hurts to "brush-up" on what you remember!
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